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FUBI is the best choice for your work & life balance. It's All in One solution four your needs. You will get yourself an extra enjoyable space to live, relax, work, have fun and privacy with great feelings and vibes.

FUBI was estabilished by "green thinking" Czech couple living in the US with more than 10 years experience with building, engineering, design and minimalism. 
We gathered inspiration from all around the world to create FUBI. 

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Choose size and style. We will take care of the rest.

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W 3.3 m x D 2.3 m x H 3.6 m

Redefining work from home.

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W 4.3 m x D 3.3 m x H 3.6 m

Ultimate Adult-Sized Playhouse.

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W 5.8 m x D 3.3 m x H 3.6 m

Glamping and Resort Development in style.

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Why do artists need a perfect backyard studio?

All artists in the world would confirm that everything they need for creating is a quiet place. A place, without disturbing elements and devices, yet...

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