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W 4.3 m x D 3.3 m x H 3.6 m


18.999 € + VAT

Ultimate Adult-Sized Playhouse.

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Turn your FUBI pod into whatever sort of adult-sized playhouse you have in mind.

FUBI MEDIUM model is excellent for that.
A mini music studio? Sure. A men cave style cool bar for friends? No problem! 
How about coworking space for two? Go for it!

The best thing is you can convert FUBI MEDIUM into a different space whenever you want. 
Office space during the day and party spot at night, for example :-)

Dare for more?
Add pergola and create more space to hang a stylish hammock with cozy seating for your party.

Some inspiration:

  • Men Cave Bar
  • Coworking Space
  • Yoga Studio
  • Atelier
  • Music Studio
  • Luxurious Guest House

P.S.: FUBI pod could also easily incorporate standard furniture from Ikea. 

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