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  1.  How large my space should be to securely place FUBI pod? 
    The FUBI Pod foundation for SMALL  is 2.0 m x 3 m and your designated area should be double those numbers. For MEDIUM it's at least xxxx, for LARGE xxxxx. 
  2. How does the FUBI pod stay secured to the ground?

  3. How does the delivery work?
    After the units are built in the factory, they are placed in a truck and driven to your property address. Once the truck arrives, a forklift will take the unit out of the truck and place it.

  4. What if I move to another place?
    Your FUBI will follow! Just as we deliver your unit fully assembled, you can take your FUBI with you whenever you move.

  5. How are these made?
    FUBI pods are made in our shop located in Ostrava, Czechia. They are fully assembled in the factory, including electrical, roofing, walls, and flooring.

  6. Can I customize its size?
    Unfortunately, you cannot customize the size, since it’s especially designed to fit in a truck and that allows us to deliver it fully assembled to your doorstep. 

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