Why FUBI modular construction?
Fubi Pods are an ideal place for work, relaxation, business and leisure, where you can spend your time with the scent of wood.

The purpose of FUBI POD is extensive, from working from home to spending time with family and friends, and even creating a beauty salon or running your own 24/7 Store. 

FUBI Tiny House is a fully-fledged family home designed for year-round living.

Where can I personally see the Fubi Pods physically and get more information about the products?
Our FUBI PODs are located in a beautiful location in the valley of the Beskydy Mountains. Feel free to contact us to arrange a personal meeting over there.
Also you can visit the FUBI SHOP 24/7 at any time at this address: FUBI SHOP 24/7 address

Who stands behind the FUBI brand?
The idea for FUBI was born with Tom and Kate during their time in the USA. They were looking for a joint project to utilize their over 10 years of experience in the construction field and their love for design and minimalism. Their vision was brought to life by Ing. arch. Marek Výtisk.

Do I need a building permit for FUBI Pods ?
Since FUBI POD is smaller than 25 m², you don't have to worry about a regular building permit. In some cases, only a local notification to the authorities is required. It's always recommended to check with the local municipality's land registry for specific information in your region.

FUBI Tiny House falls into the category of modular homes, so in many cases, you can proceed with just a basic permit. However, the specific requirements may vary depending on the local building authority.

What is FUBI POD made of?
FUBI POD is made from wooden materials that meet all quality standards for diffusively open construction. It's fire-resistant and clad in unique Siberian larch, which gives it a distinctive appearance.

Is FUBI POD habitable 365 days a year?
Yes, you can use FUBI POD year-round thanks to excellent insulation, roof protection, and heating.

How is heating and air conditioning handled?
We provide a powerful air conditioning system that efficiently manages both heating and cooling. We offer customized solutions, such as floor heating or a fireplace.

Where can FUBI POD be installed?
FUBI POD can be installed practically anywhere. We have several construction options, whether on uneven terrain, slopes, or in inaccessible terrain where heavy machinery cannot reach.

How are FUBI modular structures secured?
Upon request, we can offer an advanced security system for monitoring the property. Otherwise, FUBI PODs and houses are equipped with standard locks that meet the requirements of most of our customers.

What are the prices?
Prices vary based on the size of the selected model and individual customer preferences. You can find basic prices here: https://fubipod.com/#models 

What is the lead time?
The lead time depends on customer requirements. The standard delivery time ranges from 8-10 weeks from the date of order.

Where is FUBI manufactured?
Our production facility is located in the picturesque town of Háj ve Slezsku in Czechia.

What are the payment conditions?
60 % After signing the contract
40 % After commissioning / go-live?

How are the toilets handled?

For FUBI PODS, toilets are always handled individually based on the customer's needs. Toilets can be arranged within the POD or externally. FUBI Tiny House models come with complete sanitary.

Can I furnish the interior myself?

Yes, you can customize the interior to your taste.

Do you provide furniture and equipment?

Yes, we can supply furniture and equipment as per the customer's request.

Is it possible to have a different color for the exterior or interior?

Yes, based on a professional assessment by our designer, who will evaluate your requirements and whether they are feasible in terms of the chosen materials.

Is FUBI POD energy-efficient, and what are the annual costs?

FUBI POD is energy-efficient due to strong insulation and the structure of the walls. Heat/cold loss is minimal, and annual heating/cooling costs are very low.

What is the warranty and what does it cover?

The standard warranty is 2 years for the interior and its furnishings, including cladding. The structural and technological elements on the roof are covered for 5 years.

Is electric floor heating an option?
Yes, it's possible to install electric floor heating.

Is it possible to order an outdoor terrace with FUBI structures?
Yes, we customarily build outdoor terraces or seating areas tailored to the customer's wishes.

Is it possible to install solar panels on the roof?
Yes, it's possible, but this is not included in the standard pricing.

Do you handle connections to utility networks?
FUBI modular structures are fully prepared for connection to utility networks. However, we recommend arranging the final connections with local specialists.

What is the lifespan of a mobile home?
The minimum lifespan of a home is 80 years."

More Questions? 

Email us at hello@fubipod.com and get in touch!




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