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Why do artists need a perfect backyard studio?

All artists in the world would confirm that everything they need for creating is a quiet place. A place, without disturbing elements and devices, yet full of inspiration. A place where they can just be and wait for the kiss of the muse. 


Flow - the most powerful tool

Every creative process requires a state called “flow” which is something that you can achieve by accident or find a way to switch on the flow instantly. And the easiest way is through habits.


Do the same things before you start working and send your brain clear signals that it’s the flowtime. Actually, that’s why people like going to offices and making themselves a cup of coffee before starting working. 

That’s why the most famous writers and artists were known for their strict routines and unique habits.


Boost your creativity in a backyard studio

Do you have a garden or any other suitable property? And is there 14 sqm of free space? Then you will love Fubi - a design pod that you can turn into a perfect studio. Just imagine a chill autumn morning when you quickly cross the distance between your house and the studio, feeling the wet grass under your bare feet. 


Your creativity wakes up and rises in the second when you enter a warm and welcoming palace where you have everything for creating - a table with a comfy chair for your writing or graphic designing, canvas with brushes for your painting or camera with a tripod for your YouTube or Instagram content. 


So simple, yet so powerful

Such a studio can turn your life upside down. With a clear boundary between work and home, with space where your muse is always present, with such a simple thing, you can create so much more!


The very first step is to reach us and tell us about your wishes. It’s free and we might give you some great ideas no matter whether you are a graphic designer, writer, YouTuber or a musician. Let us surprise you with our own creativity! We are waiting for you message: